Manjooran Housing wishes a Happy Onam

Manjooran Housing wishes a Happy Onam

Happy Onam 2015

A season to remember for all its colors, a time to signify the start of holidays, a sight to dignify Kerala for our mundu and Kerala sarees, a belief that Maveli will return once again to bless us, a satisfaction that the Payasam will once again flow like nectar to fill our bellies and a challenge for everyone to gather around to compete for the pookalam, We, Manjooran Housing, is happy to wish and celebrate Onam, the Festival of Flowers.

Manjooran Housing, one of the finest Builders in Kochi, is proud to showcase our Villas in Kakkand and Aluva. Designed to merge with the beauty and serenity of nature, they provide world class fixtures and highly equipped amenities to cater the elegant crowds of the posh community. Situated close to infopark, our apartment Projects, Springs and Scarlet, provide easy access to the city as well as huge spaces of greenery to stupefy the surrounding environment. Our design entices many a crowd for its architectural beauty as well as superior amenities. A perfect spot to own and truly a genuine place to stay. We wish everyone a very Happy Onam and invite each and everyone to visit our lovely project.

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