Manjooran Housing wishes a Happy Diwali

Manjooran Housing Wishes you a Happy Diwali

Manjooran Housing wishes a Happy Diwali

Diwali or Deepavali is India’s biggest festival that is celebrated every year. It is a festival of lights and all Indian Hindus celebrates it joyfully. Deepavali means rows of lighted lamps and everyone celebrates it with great enthusiasm. The festival of Diwali marks the happy return of lord Rama to Ayodhya after fourteen year’s exile. Diwali is a big occasion for celebration, people gets a lot of fun and pleasure while burning lamps, candles and crackers on this auspicious day.

On Diwali, people dress up in new clothes, light up diyas (lamps and candles) inside and outside their home, participate in family puja (prayers) typically to Goddess Lakshmi. After puja, fireworks / crackers follow at home, then a family feast including mithai (sweets), and an exchange of gifts between family members and close friends. Diwali also marks a major shopping period in nations where it is celebrated.

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