"Commitment is an act - not a word "

Manjooran Housing exists to provide disciplined residential construction services to discerning clients, to seamlessly bond the lifestyle demands of the present with the architectural signature and design ideals that go with modern lifestyles, and to contribute productively to the communities in which we work. We work on the following principles:

  • We are obliged primarily to the client and to the community, without which we have no reason to existence.  We are then obliged to our business and trade partners without whom we cannot exist.
  • We will always say what we do and do what we say.  We will never make a commitment we cannot keep, and we will always honor the commitments we have made.
  • We will at all times fully comprehend the impact of our work on our product, our clients and our competitive position in the marketplace.  We will never lose sight of our responsibility to the client and the value to our future of complete understanding of the client’s requirements.  We will never become complacent in our success or passive in our efforts to improve.
  • We will honor one another as unique and critical members of a collective team, each of whom plays an important role in the pursuit of our business.  We will work together equally in the celebration of progress and the confrontation of obstacles.
  • We will conduct ourselves personally and professionally with openness and respect.  We will communicate truthfully amongst ourselves and with our clients, always within a framework of continuous improvement in business practice and service.
  • We will aggressively and purposefully engage the marketplace, never losing sight of the importance of our role in the evolution of neighborhoods within our community and always striving to add maximum value along the way.