Guiding philosophy

The Guiding philosophy of Manjooran Housing, a company founded in 1996 is, “IF WE WOULDN’T BUY IT OURSELVES, WE WOULDN’T OFFER TO SELL IT “. The strong belief in this philosophy has aided to the growth of Manjooran Housing into a well respected and professionally managed builder who delivers quality residential projects.

Manjooran Housing takes pride in bringing superior craftsmanship and the most innovative architecture to all of its properties, reflective of today’s modern lifestyles. The size of the company allows for a hands-on approach to every project, paying meticulous attention to every detail and working directly with each supplier in selecting the highest quality finishes.

Manjooran Housing not only builds properties, but relationships too. They offer committed and direct after sales customer service and property management. At Manjooran Housing, they never lose sight of the fact that they are building their customers’ most treasured asset – their ‘home’.